Just when I thought dogs couldn’t get any cuter, I met Shook at Appalachian Animal Rescue Center this morning. He is the quintessence of cuteness … every part of his little body, big ears, and soulful eyes. Shook, which is his shelter given name so you could call him anything you’d like, was brought in recently by someone who said he found him as a stray. He is believed to be around 4 years old and full-bred Beagle. He was just neutered through the Humane Alliance program and is ready and waiting to go to his furever home.

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Shook was a bit shy at first; I could not get my usual FB photo in the vehicle before we hit the Greenway. He was shaking some and somewhat scared, but he rode well in the vehicle despite traveling between the front seat and back and sticking his snout out the window. Once we hit the Greenway, though, any fear or apprehension he had was gone. He was great on the leash and got along with people and other dogs alike. It was a pleasure walking him.

As most of you probably know, Beagles are scent hounds and often used for hunting. The only time Shook pulled on the leash was when he caught whiff of some type of critter off to the side of the GW. He was easy to manage but also quite verbal and determined to catch his prey. It was not a huge chore to redirect Shook back to our walk though.

Beagles typically make wonderful family pets (think Snoopy). This boy is on the small side for the breed, which makes him compact and extra cute. I found Shook to be a pretty mellow fellow … at 4 years of age, he’s over the puppy stage and ready to settle into a loving home.

There are several new residents at AARC, so if you are looking for a cuddly companion and have not stopped by recently, you really should!

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