Y’all meet Rebel … he’s about a year and a half old and I’d guess about 40 to 50 pounds, not quite a large dog but close! He’s largely handsome, however, with patches of brindle and a hint of black spots under the white part of his coat. His eyes are simply captivating. He came to Appalachian Animal Rescue Center by way of Macon County Animal Services. He was adopted out once but, unfortunately, dug up some flowers and shrubbery in his new owner’s yard, so that sweet elderly lady traded him in for a less diggity model. I found Rebel to be very well behaved while with me.

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Rebel remained calm in the backseat while riding in my vehicle, and leash pulling was not a major issue. He did like to sniff all the things, and if something caught his snout just right, he’d pull to get closer for a better whiff. He is an avid squirrel hunter, likes to watch them quietly first, then make his move. In the third photo above, he had spotted one on the other side of the fence and was contemplating making his way under the fence to meet “Sparky.” But, alas, he was a good boy.

In the second photo above, Rebel is intensely watching another squirrel on the fence.

I got the impression that Rebel likes other dogs. He seemed to want to play with a couple we encountered. Of course, if you have other fur babies in the house, it’s always a good idea to introduce them on neutral ground before bringing a newbie into the pack.

I think Rebel would love to have a yard where he could chase critters to his heart’s content, but it would be best to keep him away from any fancy shrubs or flower beds unless you can supervise and have the time to teach him not to dig. He seems to be over most of the clumsy puppy playfulness, but ya never know!

There are so many great dogs and cats up for adoption at AARC so please consider visiting with a few to find a perfect match for your situation. Rescues truly are the most loving and appreciative “breed” of pet.

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    • He will eventually; that’s the good news from a no-kill shelter! He’ll make somebody a great companion. — Jennifer

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