First off, before anybody gets huffy, Tig said it’s ok if I call him Porky. He has a fantastic sense of humor! I don’t usually take the smaller dogs because they generally adopt out rather quickly. This guy came over to Appalachian Animal Rescue Center from Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society because, for some inexplicable reason, he was not able to find a home up there. I don’t think he will have any trouble with that here. 

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Tig is a 4-year-old, pleasantly plump, Chihauhau — not sure if mix or full and not sure why so plump as he wouldn’t take a single treat from me. Perhaps he’s been doing some emotional closet eating due to the depression and loneliness of not finding his furever home yet. He’s wicked cute with a sweet smile and buggy eyes. Pretty sure he’d like to run off a few pounds, as he tried to join those joggers in the photo above. He’s an enthusiastic walker and terrific on a leash. Oh, and he peed A LOT of times. So, I’m thinking another possibility for his girth size is he simply has a large bladder. Yea, that’s the ticket.

Tig was great on the Greenway, a little bit of snorty snort but absolutely no yappy yap from this li’l one. He behaved wonderfully around people and dogs alike. On the way back to AARC in the 4-runner, I lost track of him til I stopped at a light and discovered he was on the floor in the back (middle photo). I called him up front where he most enjoyed riding. He’s a big fan of the head massage. He’s got lap dog written on his forehead (sorry, it’s under my thumb).

So Tig is going to be at a silent auction (phew good thing he’s not a yapper) tomorrow from 11 a.m. til 3 p.m. down at 12 Spies Winery in Dillard, GA, benefitting AARC. There will be dogs, cats, auction items, wine, and finger foods for y’all to enjoy. 

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