I’ve got good news and bad … the good news is Appalachian Animal Rescue Center has the absolute best selection of puppy-wups available for adoption, and the guy I walked yesterday named Pluto is no exception. The bad news is I was told the shelter is closed for the rest of the week so to come back next Monday for the next shelter dog strut. They are closed for good reasons though — some upgrades to the facility. So let’s talk about Pluto …

Pluto is a strikingly handsome pup with some interesting coloring. He is mostly dark chocolate in color with a lighter brown patch on his chest next to a larger grayish-white patch. His right front paw is whitish-gray as well. He is around 3 or 4 years old, of medium size, and best guess breed mix is perhaps a little Pit with some Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler), and who knows what else. He was brought in by a woman who found him wandering aimlessly up in the Tellico area.

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Although he was given the Disney-themed name Pluto, which is quite fitting based on his rather large ears, I found him to be quite “Goofy” as well. Pardon my potty talk but for one thing as shown in the middle photo above, he prefers privacy when it’s poo time. Secondly, he pees like a girl, does not lift his leg. And he only went once the entire walk but for a really long time. Either he had received an important P-mail that required a long rebuttal or he’d gotten several P-mails and simply hit “reply to all” to take care of his responses in one fell swoop.

Pluto was excellent on the leash and very light on his feet. The only time he pulled was when he saw a bird or other critter he wanted to chase, but as you can see in the first image above, as soon as he felt resistance, he flopped back, gave me a “goofy” look, and stopped his pursuit.  This obedient boy sat on command, as in the second image. I was informed that he also lays down and gives his paw when given the orders. He was very calm riding in the 4-runner; he stayed in the backseat and enjoyed sticking his head out the window. I reckon with those ears, he was listening to a reggae concert in California. He loves people … the jury is still out on how he gets along with other dogs as we did not run into any.

If you are interested in Pluto or any of the other fine, furry adoptable kitties and doggies at AARC, please give them a holler. I do believe they will be answering phones all week even if the shelter is officially “closed for renovations.”


2 thoughts on “Pluto

  1. Pluto sure looks like a happy pup and would be a great addition to any family. Hope he finds his furever home soon. Can’t wait to hear and see what the shelter has done. Have a great day and get outside in between showers.

    • Trish – I went back in there today. All I know is they had to do some state-mandated work to the facility, one thing mentioned was an upgrade to the fire system. They were real busy so I was unable to inquire further. — Jennifer

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