Oh my is Murphy a big guy … I knew I wanted to walk him when I saw him yesterday at Appalachian Animal Rescue Center because he was very calm in his cage and appeared so regal. He is a Silver Lab, a little over a year old. I’d never heard of them either so googled a little. Eh, there is some argument among the purists, but for all intents and purposes on this blog, he is a Silver Lab … and a gorgeous one to boot. 

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Murphy’s size concerned me cuz if he decided to go wild in my 4-runner, there could be trouble. However, he was amazingly docile and sat or laid down in the backseat on the rides to and from the Greenway. He was great on the leash as well, no tugging. I’d classify him as LL (loose leash). He was great around people. His only fault really was that when I’d stop to talk to someone, he would jump up and hug me. My boy Patch does the same thing … possessive maybe?! Like saying, “You can talk to her, but just know she came here with me and she’s leaving with me!” I dunno. As large as he is, though, he never even came close to knocking me over — a true gentle giant. I did see some puppy playfulness in him, so he might need some room to roam and jump around when the mood strikes.

He was such a pleasure to walk I could only wonder why would anyone surrender this precious boy. I found out that the family who had him was very reluctant to give him up, but … Murphy does not play well with chickens, and this family has a child who is very attached to their chickens. It just did not work. Murphy may need to be the only pet in a household. He seemed interested in playing with other dogs but got a little crabby with one in the lobby (it is always best to bring your pets to the shelter and introduce them to any possible new adoptees). All in all, Murphy behaved fantastically today. He is extremely sweet and an all around good boy AND the first doggie that I could take a standing selfie with and get both our heads in the frame!


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