Howdy! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done a blog post, and it sorta has I reckon. My business is picking up, which is wonderful, but it does cut into my shelter dog struttin’ time. If those pesky bills would only step aside. The main reason there has been a shortage of blog posts, though, is I can only walk dogs that have been spayed or neutered, and there was a backlog of newbies at Appalachian Animal Rescue Center that still needed that. I now have some new residents to walk and will resume again Monday, the good Lord willing.

Yesterday I took this wicked cute and spunky boy named Jax to the Greenway, and he was one happy pup!. His first order of business was … well … to take care of business, and his second order of business was to hit the salad bar. Apparently no fresh greens are served at the shelter, which would be fine with me cuz vegetables?! Yuck! But a lot of dogs do like to dine on some roughage and often take advantage of that buffet when I have them on the GW. That said, a quick research on Google will tell you that does not necessarily mean they have stomach issues.

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Jax is a just under a year old. He is pit mix and has a whole buncha of puppy left in him. He loves to play and is extremely energetic, even in the heat of the day … til he found some shade or dirt to lay in, then he was happy to chill for a bit. He is super strong for his size. He’s compact. I’d call him small to medium, heavy on the medium, and would guess his weight to be 30-35 pounds, perhaps 40 due to his muscular build. He is good on the leash UNTIL he sees something that piques his interest, and then you must be prepared because his takeoff is explosive. He would do well in a good-sized yard to dart around in off leash, but if you plan to walk him where leashes are required, some training will definitely be in order.

Jax, puppy to the max, is a jumper who gravitates towards people and … you guessed it … jumps up on them in an affectionate, playful manner. He is not intimidating or scary in any way. Bicycles did not faze him in the least. He seemed very interested in playing with other dogs, but there were no willing candidates. He traveled fairly well in the car, preferred the front seat, but like my Patch E. Poo when in the back seat, he’d put his head right next to mine and look out the front windshield while sneaking in a quick kiss on my cheek from time to time.

I feel like I’ve given Jax a bad rap, but honestly he’s a typical puppy with several months behind him. It’s important before adopting a dog to know what to expect. He’s a total love and will make an excellent companion; he just needs a little training and direction. He made me giggle like a little girl because he is so sweet and affectionate and, as any puppy, Jax just wants to have fun! Who doesn’t?! 

There are lotsa great dogs and cats and a whole room full of kittens just hoping to be adopted soon and brought into loving homes. Please stop by AARC and check them out!

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