The fact that Mack has yet to be adopted from Appalachian Animal Rescue Center boggles my mind. He was featured on this blog awhile back when he’d first come over from Macon County Animal Services — you can read about that outing by clicking here: Mack has Manners. Mack still has manners, by the way. He’s a big boy but was quite gentle today. I know he can be pretty energetic from our last walk, but I think the heat may have calmed him down a little today.

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Some info that I did not have last time is that Mack is a 2-year-old hound mix. He’s still super handsome. He still sits on command; in fact, he wiped me outta the treats I had in my fanny pack. He still likes other dogs and really wanted to play with that li’l white doggie, the only one we encountered today … no guttural hound dog groan this time though. And as the third photo depicts, he is still very playful. 

Due to the heat, we did not walk very far today but instead hung out on a bench for a bit doing the “sit” thing, and then we spent some time chillin’ like villains while chatting with a lady who was also just hangin’ out. Mack was very patient and enjoyed the cool grass. Plain and simple … Mack is a good boy.

Please visit or contact AARC if you are looking for a 4-legged companion of the canine or feline persuasion. They have a bunch just waiting for their new homes!

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