Through absolutely no fault of her own, this is Ally’s second go around at Appalachian Animal Rescue Center. This now 2-year-old, 35-lb Terrier mix was adopted out last year, but she was brought back within the last few days by her owner, who was terribly upset at having to give her up but cited lack of time to properly care for her as his reason. I firmly believe that this gal will make someone a very happy dog mom or dad. Ally cried on the way to the Greenway, but she enjoyed it there so much we walked 4 miles.

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I’m not sure why, but it was very quiet on the Greenway today. This made for a lovely, peaceful walk with the birds chirping beautifully in the background. We did encounter enough people to know that Ally likes all the people and is very calm around them — not a hyper bone in her li’l body. We did not encounter any dogs until we got back to the shelter. There were several students walking dogs in the parking lot, one of whom took Ally. She seemed to be equally nonchalant around the other 4-legged little rascals. Ally was superb on the leash, not a leash puller (LP) at all — I would classify her as a GT, gentle tugger. I felt it was her security blanket to tug ever so slightly, in essence feeling my presence behind her for comfort.

Ally Gal deserves a loving home, and I hope she finds one quickly. She’s a short-haired sweetheart who is extremely well behaved. She was surrendered with her own perfect-fitting harness and a monogrammed food bowl. She was clearly very loved and well taken care of. In the second photo above, she promised me she’d slip me $20 if next time I’d take her for a pedicure, as the pink polish is beginning to wear off her “toenails.” I told her I really did not think there would be a next time … because somebody wonderful is gonna scoop her up soon and give her the fabulous home she so desires!

She wasn’t big on taking a selfie with me cuz she’s a real girly girl and I’m … well … not, but much to my delight she relented:

If you would like to meet Ally Gal or take a look at the many other dogs and cats available for adoption, please call or visit AARC just as soon as you can!

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