Alrighty then … better late than never for the blog post, right?! Yesterday I took this handsome devil Ace from Appalachian Animal Rescue Center to the Greenway for a little reprieve from shelter life. Ace is believed to be a lab/hound mix, and he has that beautiful brindle coloring. He is approximately 6 years of age and told me he really wants to find his furever home soon to live out the rest of his adult years!

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Ace still seems to have a lotta youth in him; he is quite energetic and a bit of a leash puller. This boy might need a fenced in yard for exercise or a very active hooman who walks, runs, and/or hikes often. He has a thing for chasing lizards (and birds and squirrels), but I discouraged him from eating the wriggly reptiles cuz I’ve heard somewhere that can cause issues.

Ace smiles a lot; would you just look at doz pearly whites?! He likes treats. It was hot so I placed a bowl of water at his paws, but he would not imbibe. I poured the water back into the bottle cuz … you know … waste not, want not. Then he started licking the bowl so I refilled it. And again he would not imbibe. Silly dawg! Ace seemed to like other dogs, as we saw a few and his tail went to wagging. He did bark at an older gentleman, Mr. Jones, whom I often stop and chat with. A little while later, though, we ran into the woman in the third photo above, and he was very friendly towards her. This might indicate something about his history.

Ace, like many other dogs and cats at AARC, just needs a chance … some love, patience, and loyalty would go a long way and be returned tenfold by any rescued animal. Please stop by the shelter and consider adopting one!

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